Falcons vS. Eagles live

Falcons vS. Eagles live stream. Falcons vs. Eagles: How the two teams match up in the NFC divisional round

Falcons vS. Eagles Live streamred

With quarterback Carson Wentz recovering from a season-ending knee injury, Nick Foles will do his best to pick up the slack for the No. 1 seed Eagles. The early results haven’t been especially encouraging. Foles completed 47 of 87 passes for 439 yards (with five touchdowns and two interceptions) in his three games, barely playing in the third.

There was a significant drop-off from Wentz, particularly when it came to scrambling and making plays outside the pocket. Atlanta players aren’t breathing easy, though. Many people aren’t even giving the Eagles a chance to win this game, which is silly. Winning won’t be easy for Philadelphia, but it’s not like they don’t have things going for them.

The Eagles will have crowd noise on their side. The Falcons have had to travel while Philadelphia has been resting. And so on. If you haven’t had the chance to watch this Philly squad in 2017, just know that losing starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, was a very big deal for the Eagles, especially heading into the postseason. Philadelphia will hang in with Atlanta because of their talented defense, but the verdict is still out on whether Foles can succeed in the NFL Playoffs.

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